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Seven Ways You Can Help Us Save the Delta Queen

Sep 10, 2008

1. Contact your U.S. Senators and urge them to support Sen. Voinovich’s upcoming bill. Suggest that their Legislative Directors get in touch with Lauri Hettinger, who is Sen. Voinovich’s L.D. The office number in Washington is (202) 224-3353.
Check this page for Contact Information for your Senator.

Note: Please make every effort to meet with your Senator in person or get him/her or his/her Legislative Director on the phone personally.

Please stress how much the DELTA QUEEN’s visits mean to your community. And don’t forget by all means to make sure your Senator knows the Delta Queen is a very safe boat, no matter what other Senators or the Coast Guard might tell them. It they’re in doubt, encourage them to talk to Sen. Voinovich or Rep. Steve Chabot about this issue – both can give them all the details about the Delta Queen’s safety. And give them the following web address for details about the Delta Queen’s safety:

2. Contact your Representative in the U.S. House, and urge him or her to vote for the DELTA QUEEN’s exemption when the bill reaches the floor there. Your House Rep’s Legislative Director can contact Congressman Chabot’s LD, Kim Betz, at (202) 225-2216.

Note: If a personal meeting is not possible, send a fax or an email message, or make a phone call (anyone who is shy about speaking with a staff member can call after business hours and leave a voice mail message). If you choose to send a written letter, direct it to a District office, rather than to Washington. Postal mail takes up to three weeks to get through Capitol security.

3. Speak with your state and local elected officials, including your governor, and encourage them to meet personally with your Senators and Congressman.

4. Ask everyone you know to do those same three things — and to ask at least three more people to do the same.
5. Encourage your local media to cover the Save the Delta Queen Campaign. One of the campaign leaders, especially Vicki Webster, is always available to speak with reporters from either print or broadcast media. They can also contact Sen.Voinovich’s press secretary, Garrette Silverman. Congressman Chabot’s Communications Manager, Todd Lindgren, is also happy to speak with members of the media.

6. Ask your town, your state, and any historical or preservation groups to pass resolutions urging Congress to save the DELTA QUEEN. (Forty-some cities, states, and organizations have already done this.) Send copies of the signed resolutions to your state’s entire congressional delegation.

7. If you spent extra time (and money) in any community as a result of a trip on the DELTA QUEEN, contact the director of the local Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as the Senators and U.S. Representative for that state and district, and tell them so. For instance, perhaps you flew into Nashville, Memphis, or Pittsburgh a day or so before boarding the boat, or stayed on a day or so after debarking. Or maybe you took a side trip to nearby points of interest, or came back later to explore the area on your own. You can find contact information for CVB and chamber of commerce directors on the internet. If you have trouble, contact me, and I’ll send you the details.

Contact Information:
Vicki Webster, 335 W. Fifth Street #401, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Tel:  (513) 381-3571


42 Responses to “Seven Ways You Can Help Us Save the Delta Queen

  1. Roberta Stober Says:

    Sometimes the progress of the future inhibits preservation of the past. Please do not allow that to happen to the precious Delta Queen.

  2. Kimberly Hupp Says:

    I go down to the waterfront every time the Delta Queen is coming through….I grew up in Marietta, Ohio and currently live in Wheeling, WV. The loss of the Delta Queen on the river will be a loss of American history and culture.

  3. Linda Goldenberg Says:

    I live in Huntington WV. The Delta Queen is/has been part of life on the Ohio River as long as I can remember. How can we here in Huntington help save the Queen? I currently serve on the Board of the Huntington CVB.

  4. Jim Wallace Says:

    I think that the Delta Queen is an important part of our history and should be allowed to continue as it is now. We live near the Ohio River and always go to see the Queen when she passes. It is important for our children to see this part of history.

  5. Rick Erisman Says:


  6. r l pio Says:

    What possible reason could there be to force the Delta Queen to stop operation?

  7. Bob Wisner Says:

    I grew up in Hannibal, Mo., and I used to love to see and ride on steamboats. That was many years ago, and now my wife and I take river trips, including the DQ whenever possible. A large part of Americana will fall by the wayside if the DQ is not saved.

  8. James D Mentzer Says:

    I sailed on the Delta Queen about six years ago on the Tennessee and Cumberland River cruise. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. My mother, who will be 100 years old next month, remembers the personal attention that several of the crew members paid to her. My sister and I this summer went on a half-day river cruise on a sidewheel steamer over 100 years old from Dresden, Germany. If they can do it safely, why can’t we? Please continue the fight to keep the Queen going.

  9. Jeremy Soule Says:

    The Delta Queen is nothing less than an ambassador to the world for the inland waterways infrastructure and commerce of the United States of America. No ad campaign, public works project or marketing gimmick can do what this boat does for the USA economy, with its ability to remind investors of the capability of the waterway systems that generate billions of dollars each year for the world’s economy. To scuttle the boat during this time of economic uncertainty is a stab to the heart of what America stands for–both in legacy and economic capability. In these troubled times, America needs to market itself in every way possible. Even something as small as having a few dignitaries travel up the river in luxury is a practical method for building up the heartland of America. For Congress to vote against this boat is akin to a vote of “no confidence” in middle America. We need our pride and our resolution in this matter to travel around the world like the sound of a mighty steam whistle. God Bless America And God Save The Queen!

  10. Jerri Ernst Says:

    My generation and the generations after me have become apathetic and don’t bother to vote. This is a wonderful example of why many are just this way. The government is no longer of the people, by the people, for the people. It is of the rich people who can buy politician, by the rich people for the rich people. Politicians make many promises while campaigning, but it is the ones that they make behind closed doors that matter! THIS BOAT SHOULD STAY AFLOAT!!!!!!!! Shame on the Congress! (again)

  11. Captain Michael D. Henson Sr. Says:

    Let politicians get involved and man there goes to the neighbor hood. I was a SIU union member for more than 19 years, and they do have influence in the congress and senate.
    Being a riverboat captain for more than 29 years that vessel is as save as any home or building standing. What are they going to do next tear down the white house because it is old as well shame on us let’s stand together on this one, we do not want a piece of our river history go down the drain?

  12. Lyn Sabo Says:

    A trip on the Delta Queen is something that my husband and I were saving for retirement. We were looking forward to a piece of history to share together during our quiet time. Now I find that it may not be possible….because of more political promises and lobbyists. This is unacceptable. We have ruined our little corner of the world with “new, improved” things….but have shunned the real essence of Americana for ourselves and our children.
    This is a floating museum – something to be shared for decades to come.
    Shame on the politicos who make their quiet deals without our voice. Just another tragedy of the great, grinding, American government doint something else to step on the neck of the average citizen.
    Please don’t let this happen to this great lady! Allow her to be shared for those who believe in the American way and the American people.

  13. shawn camp Says:

    I am a singer/songwriter in Nashville, TN.
    I’m a friend of the Late Great John Hartford,
    who did a lot for the river boats and the history
    of them.
    I’d be more than willing to try to put something
    together with the Nashville music community
    if there was anything we could do to save the
    Delta Queen. Please let me know if I can



  15. David Says:

    Oh for heavens sake, firetrap buildings continue to exist indefinately under grandfather clauses.
    Let the boat keep on floating. I agree the law should prevent new wooden boats from being built, but as long as it is maintained and kept as safe as possible, keep on floating.
    What makes it less safe than it was 3, 7, 12 or even 40 years ago.
    Grandfather clauses should remain forever, as long as it is maintained to the current standard at the time of new law.

    Next they will not allow antique cars on the road because they don’t have seatbelts … this proves it could happen.

  16. Dave Says:

    I worked on the Delta Queen in 1975. It was between cruises and docked in New Orleans for some overhaul work to prepare for the next season. The company that owned her at the time called up my high school looking for part-time workers. About 10 of us signed up and we were given jobs sprucing up the crew quarters while they were off at their homes. A friend and I quit our part-time jobs bagging groceries to do this. Next spring, we were invited to ride her when the Delta Queen raced the Mississippi Queen in New Orleans.

    I’ve always wanted to take a cruise on her and my wife and I were hoping to do this in a year or two, but couldn’t do it just yet because our aging dog can’t be kenneled.

    I will be calling my Senators, though one is retiring (John Warner of VA). Whoever is his replacement will also get my call.

  17. The Delta Queen - U.S. Politics Online: A Political Discussion Forum Says:

    […] such a beautiful and romantic piece of history that it’ll be a shame to let politics destroy her. Seven Ways You Can Help Us Save the Delta Queen __________________ "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of […]

  18. Christina Says:

    Last season of 2007, I worked on the Belle of Louisville for the duration of her season, and fell hopelessly in love with steamboats. It was so exciting for me to be on the Belle as she raced the Delta Queen in one of the many events preluding the Kentucky Derby. Steamboating is a class and a world of it’s own, and I was lucky enough to discover it. Now it has changed my life, and my young boys have been exposed to the ways of the river on steamers. On October 25th, my oldest boy and I attended the wharf party in Louisville to see the Delta Queen off, and he was adamant that we climb aboard the Delta, and had a hard time understanding why she was leaving us. The simple fact is, my generation, the generations before mine, and now my children are being denied the availibility and opportunity to experience the beauty of steamers. The Delta Queen raced the Belle of Louisville every spring since 1963, and it’s astounding that we had to watch her round to and head south to New Orleans because of votes and money. She played “My Old Kentucky Home” and “You Are My Sunshine” on her calliope as she chugged away, and I am left wondering—is that the last time I’ll ever see that beautiful boat?

  19. Alan Henriksen Says:

    the Delta Queen is a chance for every person to experience the past..not look at it in a glass case or over a velvet rope

  20. melenee mackey Says:

    We have to do everything we can to save her. As a child We didn’t have much money so one of my best memorys is getting a bucket of chicken and going down to Fernbank park in Cincinnati Ohio to see the Delta Queen going up and down the Ohio river. Hearing her music and just seeing her was always something I looked forward to every summer. If we lose her it is like saying good-by to part of our childhood and I just can’t stand the though of that. I was there when she left Cininnnati for the last time (I hope not) and when her music started playing there wasn’t a dry eye there. We loved her in the past and need her in our future. DON’T LET HER GO AWAY. PLEASE HELP SAVE HER.

  21. thomas ormiston Says:

    I was brought up in Dumbarton Scotland where the Delta Queen was built before being shipped out for assembly in the USA.My Father in Law worked at Wm Denny and Son in Dumbarton.Everyone in Dumbarton had Friends and Family who worked there. It is sad that such a historic vessel should end its days because of petty,Dull,witless and stupid people who cower behind rules and routines.

  22. Lisa Ashcraft Says:

    There is nothing like the sound of the water splashing as the calliope plays the notice of the approch or detarture of history. The “Queen” recently visited historic Vicksburg Ms. As you walk up and down the street visiting the shops it seems a natural thing to hear the steam whistle. It stops you for a brief moment to appreciate a slower time. Please encourage all to not ground her. After all they (the government bureaucrats) found a way to preserve how many War ships now? Why not preserve a pleasant piece of history for a change.

  23. Alexandra~Titanic.Historian~ Says:

    I love the Delta Queen!! I’ve gone down to Pittsburgh everytime she was in PIttsburgh this past year and I really, really miss those days..I miss her and her sweet music! And on the last day, a crew member fianlly reconized me… What’s wrong with congress? don’t they see that the Delta Queen is a gem to America? don’t they see that jobs will be lost??

  24. CACTUSHARK Says:


  25. Captain David Muir Says:

    I am currently employed as Master of SS Steamship on Loch Katrine in Scotland. Our Scottish Executive recently provided us with £1 million to bring the vessel up to modern day standards.
    If the Scottish Executive can do it, surely your US Politicians can do something to help.

  26. Captain David Muir Says:

    Sorry – I omitted the name which is Steamship Sir Walter Scott.

  27. S Humphreys Says:

    What Christina said made me cry. I am from Louisville and the Great Steamboat Race is part of Kentucky Derby tradition. I have always wanted to go on a steamboat cruise on the Delta Queen. She is so much a part of history of this country. We have to save her.

  28. carol rocky Says:

    My husband who is blind and I had a wonderful trip on the Delta Queen from New Orleans to St. Louis. What a wonderful trip. It was so historical. It was a wonderful way to see our country. It would be so sad to lose. She is truly a part of our country’s history. My husband truly enjoyed it. We met so many wonderful people from our own country.

  29. Graham Watson Says:

    We can’t let a part of history just fade away. I had the great pleasure of knowing Capt. Fred Way Jr. who brought the Queen over from the west coast. What if the people did not speak out when the Constitution was going to be scrapped?

  30. Michelle Wright Says:

    The Delta Queen is a truly magnificient boat. She is docked here in Chattanooga, TN and is currently under a lease for a floating hotel….however, it would be a grave shame if she has to stay put like that….she needs to do the job that she is meant to do and that is to travel the river! I pledge to do all I can to help save the Delta Queen and I hope that each and every person reading this will do the same and also ask people they know to get involved as well! Let’s join together and try to get through this political mumbo jumbo!! PLEASE SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN….she is BEAUTIFUL!

  31. Adm Croucher Says:

    Im from wales in the united Kingdom (ok…near enough England) and i love steamboats and locomotives. when i read about this dilema i thought to myself i should have my point of view
    i love the caliope music used to entertain the guests!
    God bless you for all that you do!

  32. Susan Halstead Says:

    Greetings from the British Library in London! As an enthusiastic member of the Paddle Steamers Preservation Society I wish you every success in the fight to save this unique piece of maritime history.

  33. Terry Wissman Says:

    I worked on the DQ in 1969 and made several trips to New Orleans from my home in Cincinnati Ohio under Captain Ernie Wagner. I was appointed “aide-de-camp” to the band “Carp” who had penned and recorded a song “Save The Delta Queen” (members Gary Busey, Ron Getman, John Crowder, and Glen Mitchell.)
    I have always had a personal connection with this wonderful piece of living history and will do whatever necessary to keep her afloat and fully operational.
    I still stay in touch with “Carp” members and perhaps we can help once more.

  34. carole matthews Says:

    I have been on American Queen an Miss. Queen am going on the Delta Queen Aug 2013. Dont let what happened to the Miss Queen happen to the DQ. She is a national treasure needs to be refurbished an MUST cruise on the rivers again I am orig frm Ohio but am a loyal steamboat fan so lets all get going on this before its too late Carole Matthews dated 6-11-2013. Just side note My parents were on inaugural cruise of Am Queen 1995 were given little engraved ships bells /sposed to get names on bronze plaque on Amer. Queen by Mark Twain Rm-NOT there- no one knows what happened to little bell gifts. Well I will NEVER give up on this till a solution is found Thanks Carole

  35. Matt Morris Says:

    I stayed on The Delta Queen Last night , I have been on board her many times on day cruses in the Mississippi River, and I fear I may have spend my last day on her…..

  36. Matt Morris Says:

    She needs out help….we all need to show up one day and rent all the rooms then get up the next day and start fixing stuff that wrong with her…make her look great again

  37. Julie Mallen Says:

    Our PLEA… there is no reason for Bipartisan greed
    Fate is a beautiful thing; it leads you where you need to be never where you on your own ever intended to be. The theory of relativity holds no new meaning. There is an equal and opposite reaction to everything that simple and basic. If we do not plant vegetables there is no harvest if we do not protect and preserve our water supply we run out of water. So in both theory and reality if we all just kick back and wait for someone else to step up to the plate to bat there will never be a homerun for the team.

    Family I quite frankly admit that sometimes I still get very frustrated and actually yell at the TV screen when I am watching the Senate floor in action sometimes. No different from when ones favorite team is on the field and a beautiful pay just keeps getting fumbled no matter how amazing the throw of our star quarterback.

    Yet yesterday I began to see our elected officials through Gods loving patient eyes instead of my own meniscal perception of what is simply is. Then what to my amazement should so miraculously appear on the Senate Floor at the end of their very long day? None other than a beautiful dancing little girl like a ballerina simply skipping and dancing amongst the grownups feet. Great title Simply Dancing In Childlike Faith on the Senate Floor. The thought alone has great potential for a happy ending to a very dismal current events situation.

    The child was there with her dad I saw him gently tap her on her head at one point with a loving brush of his fatherly hand of love and protection a knowing to her that he was right there. That is the same way the God of the universe has always intended for mankind to live. The Footstep’s poem is one of the greatest answers to our everyday questions. Where was and is our loving Father God and or His only Begotten Son our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ when bad things happen. The poem explains that when our load becomes too much that is when he carries us.

    We were never meant to be robots we have been birthed with the ability to overcome the greatest of insurmountable odds and challenge one another to live lives of abundant beauty and true substance. Too often we place so much pressure on ourselves and others that life is just too hard too painful and beyond too stressful. This morning on GMA they had the Captain from our America’s Cup on for a minute Jimmy said; WE DID IT!!! He was speaking about two sides of the ocean representing one cup and one family to make the most victorious comeback in decades! WE did it together were his joyous and enthusiastic words of sweet inspiration that actually gave me those feel good goose bumps.

    Yesterday I was watching CSPAN I have been watching a lot of it these past few weeks trying to understand how we can come come up with a solution to work together red fish blue fish a fish is a fish. We are all Gods little fish swimming in His created oceans of beauty and majesty. There was one point of interest that really got my attention yesterday that may not seem that important in the light of bigger problems yet it is extremely relevant. HR 1961 the Queen Delta Riverboat. They started voting at the end of the day with finally Bi-Partisan common sense beyond extraordinary. The wooden boat has a steel structure it has been grandfathered In for the past 40 years and now one small person desires to try and make a name for himself instead of thinking outside the box of the practicality of allowing what is to be left alone as is. No harm no foul is a good thing a really good thing when there are so many issues out there already that divide us as a nation. So are 170 new jobs for people in need of work in Ohio and Mississippi that would benefit from a little common sense voting.

    Today on my way to UWF campus I was already hot tired no bike path or sidewalks wear me out quickly in the heat. Then trying not to get in the way of traffic is beyond stressful and physically exhausting. When I get easily distracted because I am hurting and or over heating I get worn out too fast. I saw some golfers and the game and players fascinate me so I turned to watch them play for a minute. Next thing I knew my dyslexia kicked in and I was not sure which way to ride my bike. I simply said a little prayer and within a moment a young am on his scooter came to the Stop sign and directed me with a beautiful understanding smile on his face which way to go. His smile like all our kids smiles on campus as well as the staff here makes my day. The energy of life on campus and off in a college town is amazing. It is simply family taking care of family watching over community to live lives of goodness and substance all together.

    It is okay to ask what direction to take when you lose your way. I ride a worn out bike with no tread on the tires I squeak when I pedal like I am the tin man and I look like Dorothy on a bad hair day who shows the sorrow in my eyes of having lost for so many years now both my children my dogs and cats every day. Yet I allow God to keep me humble by asking for directions and responding to smiles and energy in a positive manner no matter my own personal hardships that I still am forced to endure one day at a time.

    If Congress would begin to ask what the we the people really need and desire instead of what they think we need. If they asked and listened to what our kids have to say about what the parents have done before them. If Congress simply stopped having three hour lunches in fancy restaurants on tax payer dollars and just ate out once a week even. If they just stopped talking so much and tabling everything pointing the finger of guilt back and forth and began to treat one another like caring constituents trusted elected officials that actually desire to serve our people our nation would be renewed. A true alliance of courage and determination across party lines would transform our nation and we would heal from within.

    To get back to the Queen Delta to drive the point home. The big issue was a supposed safety one since the old girl is made of wood even though she has a steel structure. It is simple have people sign a waiver that says going on the DQ by freedom of choice and at one’s own risk just like an amusement park ride and be done with it. The ship is solid safe and up to code. We have way too many regulations and codes and rules so many mounds of paper that men that have hidden agendas hide their hidden intent and piggy back in legislation that is bad for our people. Less is more in every aspect of the word. Yesterday Democrats were actually voting in agreement with republicans on grandfathering in the DQ it made sense it was no big issue.

    Going back to the guidelines of our Constitution makes sense. There are many amazing men and women that really desire to be a part of active government yet find themselves so disillusioned by the constant bickering pressure jealousy and backstabbing. Do we really desire to do this again to our children? We send these amazing young minds to college and tell them to follow the golden rule of life while those who are supposed to be our trusted leaders are busy squandering their inheritance before they can even graduate from college do just the opposite.

    A college professor does not want to hear that a student needs five more days to turn in their homework it is due when it is due. Unless you have a really good excuse and it better be really good and legit. Yet Congress wants five more days upon five more days upon five more days to make the simplest decisions that should be made the moment they hit the Senate floor if they have actually been doing their homework on the issues before they enter the classroom that simple.

    Congress has families and commitments too just like the rest of us. It just makes sense to stop wasting everyone’s time and everyone’s money and just get the job done or simply resign please. Job performance matters if a Coach does not bring in a winning team he is replaced. If a star Quarterback stops being the star player he is benched. If a Congress keeps talking and spending and does nothing to eradicate and already out of control situation. Then it should just humbly and quietly step down from office. Simply take a hall pass and pass on the baton in the relay race to the ones ready to work together across bi partisan personalities and get the touchdown for our team. Just as courageously and so MAGNIFICENTLY AS OUR America’s Cup Team from BOTH sides of the ocean have just demonstrated to us. When we work hard and dare to have the courage to persevere then with sheer faith and determination nothing is impossible to achieve TOGETHER.

  38. Kirtley Cooke Says:

    It is an intolerable situation to let this very well built and very safe vessel rot at dock instead of cruising up and down the river the way she was designed and built to do. She is never out f sight of land, has a crew trained to fight fires, although I am convinced they will never have to. I would stay overnight on the boat anytime, never on a cruise ship flying a foreign flag. Safety has never been a problem on this boat and those who say this boat isn’t safe just don’t understand how well built she is. She needs to run again.

  39. carole matthews Says:

    Feb 25 2014. 5 37 pm Geez I dont know where to begin. First of al the Delta Queen is a nationa historic treasure. Just about the last of the old great riverboats. I ant for the life of me understand the attitude of the mayor of Chatanooga Tenn where it is currently moored.We were aposed to stay on it Feb 10 to 14 but he pipes froze an they shu it down Excuse my spelling.The mayor says they owe back rent less than ten thous. chumo change. If this is true lets all chip in any pay it for heavens sakes. She needs to be back on the water not sitting forever at a dock. SO lets get her repaired an going an quit all this fighting first of all the mayor of Chatanooga an secon of all Congress. Reminds me of a bunch of little kids squabbling. GET GOING I am going to go on her soon as she is fixed nope its soon I read her lease inChatanooga runs out March 31 2014. So get GOING everybody an do want you are sposed to be doing an that means you too Congress DO IT NOW Carole Matthews S Fla. Been on 2 great riverboat cruises Miss Queen American Queen an collect riverboat small models.Again excuse spelling an GET GOING NOW

  40. Linda Smith Says:

    I’m stunned by this. The Delta Queen is an historic and cultural treasure and it boggles my mind that there are those that either don’t understand or just don’t care. We were lucky to see her once from the outside and I’ve always dreamed of at the very least touring her. I hope that some short-sighted politicians don’t destroy this dream.

  41. Carole Matthews Says:

    I am a huge Delta Queen supporter frm South Florida.I have contacted an spoken with former owners Xanterra correspondence Andy Burke Chatanooga Tenn Mayor My 2 senators Mark Rubio Bill Nelson. e mailed Jay Rockefeller Chairman of Senate he seems to be holding this up e mailed Pres Obama Called everyone I can think of e mailed tv stations. I have a post on here frm 2 26 2014 an I was saying get going now. SO JAY GET GOING NOW. I want to go on this in 2015. Phyliss Dale my travel agent already has people singed up. Mr Rockefeller seems to think the boat is unsafe????? Come on Jay it has NEVER EVER failed a Coast Guard Inspection. Prob. safer than some of those on the water today. Well guess I will go e mail Jay Rockefeller again he must be tired of hearing frm me. Probably Obama too an I will not rest till this GRAND OLD LADY is back on the water where she really belongs. Carole Matthews aka Riverboat Lady of Pompano Beach Fla 33064. Check in with Keith Norrington curator of Howard Steamboat Museum in Jefferson Indiana see neat website He supporsts Delta Queen an used to work on it an can play the callopie really good

  42. Kathy Gabhart Says:

    I grew up along the Mississippi. We fished, we swam and we ran to the riverbank when we heard the calliope calling out to everyone, “The Queen is coming!” It was an event to see her and wave to her passengers and crew. Sometimes when she would dock in Davenport, IA we would get to go over and see her up close and even get to go board and look around. It was magical! Some people dream of a trip to New York City or Paris……my dream was of a trip on the Delta Queen. I could be the one waving and smiling to those on shore, experience going through the locks, seeing Nauvoo or Hannibal and maybe even get to play the calliope. She is part of river culture and American History. She is a reminder of the early days when river travel was so important to the development of our country. To me “Saving the Queen” is the same as preserving the Mississippi river, restoring New Orleans or repairing the Washington Monument. I will, call, write, post to everyone I know…..please do the same.
    My dream came true and I traveled from Davenport, IA to St Louis, MO. It was the most wonderful vacation of my life.
    I hope I have the opportunity to do it again.

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