Save the Delta Queen: A private initiative to save the steamboat Delta Queen A private initiative to save the steamboat Delta Queen
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Attempt failed in the House, now focussing on the Senate

Oct 24, 2009

The Coast Guard Authorization Bill has passed the House while the Rules Committee declined Rep. Baron Hill's request to amend the exemption the the Delta Queen to it. While Baron Hill is still dedicated to find other ways to help the Delta Queen eventually returning to the rivers as cruise vessel, the 2010 Coast Guard Authorization Bill now is in the Senate (S.1194) where there is a new chance to get an amendment giving the Delta Queen a renewal of her exemption.

Delta Queen fans are requested to contact their Senators asking them to introduce an amendment to the bill and/or support it in the Senate.

From the 2008 Senate bill S.3498, all sponsors and co-sponsors are still in the Senate, except Barack Obama. So most likely one or more of them should be more than happy to introduce a new bill in the Senate to amend the Delta Queen exemption to the 2010 Coast Guard Authorization Act.

Democrats who sponsored or co-sponsored the 9/16/2008 bill in the Senate:

Bayh, Evan [D – IN] – up for re-election in 2010, considered safe
Brown, Sherrod [D – OH]
Harkin, Tom [D – IA]
Lincoln, Blanche L. [D – AR] – up for re-election in 2010, considered safe
Pryor, Mark L. [D – AR] – member of the Senate's Commerce Committee
Sen Obama, Barack [D – IL]


Voinovich, George V. [R – OH] – retiring in 2010
Cochran, Thad [R – MS]
Lugar, Richard G. [R – IN]
Alexander, Lamar [R – TN]
Wicker, Roger F. [R – MS] – member of the Senate's Commerce Committee
Grassley, Chuck [R – IA] – up for re-election in 2010, considered safe
McConnell, Mitch [R – KY]
Vitter, David [R – LA] – member of the Senate's Commerce Committee – up for re-election in 2010

Chairman of the Senate's Commerce & Transportation Committe is John D. Rockefeller, IV [D – WV], who has succeeded Daniel K. Inouye (D – HI). Inouye is still a regular member of the committee and is said to be a strong opponent of any exemption for the Delta Queen.

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Congressman Baron Hill Seeks to Restore Delta Queen Status

Oct 21, 2009

Southern Indiana Congressman Baron Hill (D) has introduced an amendment to the 2010 Coast Guard Authorization Act to restore the status of the Delta Queen. In a press release Hill says: "My perspective on the Delta Queen and its safety has evolved significantly. After speaking with various officials and the former captain of the Delta Queen, I am convinced it should cruise again."

The Save The Delta Queen Campaign welcomes this new initiative and encourages other Congressmen, especially Transportation Committee Chairman James Oberstar, to follow Baron Hill’s example and get first-hand information about the safety and economical importance of the Delta Queen.

Call to Action! All Delta Queen Supporters: Please act immediately! We only have time until end of this week to SEND FAXES to all representatives, especially those along the river system to urge them to support THE AMENDMENT TO H.R. 3619 OFFERED BY REP. HILL OF INDIANA.

To find your representative’s contact information, go to and find your  representative’s phone numbers.  As noted on the site the SECOND number is their D.C. fax numbers, the first being a telephone line.

Why fax? It’s the best way to get this message to your representative immediately, so if you ca, please send a fax. Second best is e-mail; snail mail letters will probably be too late.

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Oct 10, 2009

While the Delta Queen is being taken well care of at Chattanooga and the Delta Queen Hotel seams to be pretty successful as well as Chattanooga is beginning love their new tourist attraction, we haven’t given up at all in our venture to get the Delta Queen back to the rivers as an overnight passenger vessel as soon as possible.

At the moment though there is not much we can do due to the political situation and the fact that Ambassadors International, Inc. is still owning the boat with no indication of a sale to happen in the near future.

What you can do though is to subscribe to our "Save the Delta Queen" Newsletter so we can contact you as soon as the situation is changing and when we find a way to support the Delta Queen actively again (besides staying at the Delta Queen Hotel to support the boat financially).

Don’t worry, we’ll not send you a newsletter every week or even more frequently and we will not give your e-mail address away to anyone. You might not even hear from us for quite a while.

We want to make sure we can reach you immediately when things are changing and when the Save the Delta Queen Campaign is taking up steam again, hopefully soon.

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