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Update: no decision yet

Feb 27, 2008

The decision about the Coast Guard Authorization Bill in the House of Representatives obviously has been postponed, probably until next week. This gives some more time to rally for the Delta Queen amendment, but remember the Committee on Rules will possibly decided already this week whether they allow the amendment to be made.

Please keep those letters, faxes, and phone calls pouring into the Rules Committee and your own Representatives and Senators!

For the meantime, here are some links to earlier postings at that might be of interest to you:

– listen to the Save the Delta Queen Campaign’s fight song "Godspeed, Delta Queen" by Dan Landau

– read about the details of the Safety at Sea Act and SOLAS

– what the young generation has to say: Leonie (8): "I love the Delta Queen", Cole (12): "Good bye, Delta Queen – a poem"

– the list of members of the Rules Committee to be contacted

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One Response to “Update: no decision yet”

  1. Carl A Dawson Says:

    Hi:I was wondering why you are taking the best thing at tall stacks away from us in ohio and away from me i grew up in cincinnati on the river and my dream is to ride the delta queen before i die so i guess you want to hang me and kill my dream. So i am asking if you take her off water why dont you return her back home to cincinnati her home port and make her a tourist museum and charge a small fee. or just donate her to me for free..thank you carl dawson