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New “Delta Queen Preservation Foundation” rallies for the Queen

Oct 26, 2010

A non-profit organization called the "Delta Queen Preservation Foundation" has been formed at Chattanooga where the Delta Queen found her new home as a floating hotel. The foundation will be debuted at a "Rally on the River," the evening of Thursday, November 4, 2010.

Leading up the "Rally on the River" will be an afternoon of excitement and activity called the "Great Steam-up." Between the hours of 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm the public is invited down to the river to tour the vessel. Guests will be guided through the boat by former passengers and crew members who have experienced life on the river first hand.

This will also be the first time since the boats arrival in Chattanooga that the public will be able to witness the Delta Queen's mighty steam engines in operation. A group of skilled steamboat engineers, several from the Delta Queen's past, will be on hand to exercise the engines and other auxiliary equipment. This effort is to ensure the operational readiness of the vessels systems. Tours will conclude with a grand calliope concert featuring the Delta Queen, Belle of Cincinnati and Southern Belle. This will kick off the evening banquet and activities.

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6 Responses to “New “Delta Queen Preservation Foundation” rallies for the Queen”

  1. Lee Anne Ward Says:

    'Wish I could be there to help celebrate the life of an old friend! I had my first "cruise" in July, 1970 – a 37-mile trip from Mt. Vernon to Evansville, IN, as a guest of Greene Line Steamers. It was a wonderful experience for a teenager! I would be there this time, but am unemployed, broke, and living in New England. As soon as I can, I will visit the grand old Lady in Chattanooga!
    Lee Anne

  2. Clifford Peterson Says:

    With the defeat of James Oberstar this past Tuesday, is there hope of reviving the Delta Queen's exemption from the Safety at Sea regulations?

  3. Franz Says:

    Clifford, there definitely is a great new chance, especially because also Steve Chabot (R) of Cincinnati, Ohio, has won his election and he was probably the strongest supporter of the DQ exemption in Congress of all. I really hope we can take up the work where we've been stopped by Oberstar who fortunately now at least can't block legislation in the Transportation Committee anymore.

  4. Delta Queen Preservation Foundation seeks to purchase vessel Says:

    […] Foundation seeks to purchase vessel Nov 19, 2010 Here comes a press release from the Delta Queen Preservation Foundation, unveiling details from their plan to purchase and operate the Delta […]

  5. Craig Myers Says:

    I spent 4 nights on the Delta Queen at Thanksgiving after having spent two nights on her in October. Being able to spend the night on her in Chattanooga is a wonderful opportunity. I never was able to sail on the boat although it was and is a bucket list item. I truly hope the boat can be saved as is and put back in river service. I had the opportunity to blow the whistle last night as the Southern Belle passed us. AT around 30 lbs of steam pressure it took some time for the steam to blow the water out and travel 200 feet to the whistle but it finally came to life. It was one of the most humbling moments in my life. I will try and get back to the boat for another couple nights in December.

  6. Joan Vann Says:

    Long live the Delta Queen! I can still hear her calliope as she paddled into Port of Cincinnati, Ohio and just across crom the Licking River Historical District in Covington, KY…. we could hear her all the way downstream as she approached Cincy and N. Kentucky! Mark Twain would be proud!
    Congratulations to Vicky M and all involved and to the Greene family!