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We will not buy the DELTA QUEEN!

Dec 30, 2007

Not that I don’t love the idea. And what a wonderful rumor that is: “A German family is interested in buying the Delta Queen.”, as obviously told to a visitor this year on the American Queen by a crew member.

Unfortunately we will not even be able to buy tickets for a single cruise on the Delta Queen in 2008, not to speak of buying the whole boat!

If 2008 is her last season (which I’m still sure won’t be the fact), then it’ll very likely happen without us. It’s a simple matter of financials. We just bought a new condo after heavy water damaged more or less forced us out of our old one. The Delta Queen doesn’t have triple occupancy staterooms, so for the three of us, Carmen, Leonie and me, this would be two almost fully paid cabins – check the 2008 rates and you know what our problem is …

We might buy the Delta Queen if …

… well, if we win the lottery (and I try hard, believe me!). When that happens, I’ll give Ambassador’s International a call to talk about the conditions of buying the boat.

We might cruise the Delta Queen if …

… well, if Majestic America Line gives us a generous discount (hint, hint! ;-). Then at least we’d be able to have a cruise on the Delta Queen, possible one last time. And I promise, if it’s not her last year in service, we’ll be supportive and happy passengers in the coming years.

Support from the distance

But as long as we don’t either win the lottery or some financial support from Majestic America Line, we’ll continue to fight to Save the Delta Queen publicly and in the background, but from the far away distance in Germany only.

What a nice rumor. Us buying the Delta Queen …

(just to avoid misinterpretion: This picture of course is a fake :-)


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  1. Nori Says:

    Port of Munich, Germany!!! I love it! he he