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Support in the U.S. Senate needed!

May 28, 2008

The Save the Delta Queen Campaign Team has pinpointed a potential ally in the Senate. There is a good chance that we can persuade Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania to introduce exemption legislation for the Delta Queen. It is crucial that he hears from as many people as possible — especially from people living in Pennsylvania.

Please, if you can, contact Senator Specter and ask him to do whatever he can to get an exemption (preferably a permanent one) for the Delta Queen through the Senate. And please ask everyone you know — especially anyone who lives in Pennsylvania — to do the same. Also ask them to ask more people to do the same. Here’s where you can reach Sen. Specter:
The Hon. Arlen Specter
711 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-4254
Fax: (202) 228-1229
Email through his web site:

Within the next two weeks we’re also going to deliver a set of petitions and resolutions to Sen. Specter’s office at Capitol Hill. This will consist of petitions, resolutions, and petition messages that we’ve collected since our first delivery to them on April 18. Anyone who has petitions or resolutions, please let us know so we can give you details about whom to send them to and when.

The fight to save the Delta Queen has just begun!


4 Responses to “Support in the U.S. Senate needed!”

  1. Joanne Massie Says:

    Full STEAM Ahead!!! Let’s save The Delta Queen!

  2. john j mccloy Says:

    Why would you allow a Congressman from the State of Minnesota to affect the existence of a River boat which cruises the Ohio,Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers?
    The Senators need to read the history of Tom and Mary Greene,Capt. Ernest Wagner,Betty Blake and the Delta Queen’s service to her country during WWII.Please do not let this piece of history become an abandoned derelict.

  3. CB Says:

    I dont think our senate cares, here it is a couple weeks before the deadline and what has been done to ensure she will continue to run as she is? Not a thing. I am afraid this effort has failed.Our politicians are out for themselves and have proven by not taking care of this months ago that they could care less to preserve the history of our country and the fate of the queen.Does this surprise you? It doesnt me. I heard that as of Oct 31st that beds will be removed while she is in Memphis so that she can continue to at least run. It wont be feasable for her to run day cruises. Eventualy the boat will become a floating eyesore. Yes thanks to our ELECTED officials. I hope all of you will remember who served on this senate when its time to vote. If this were some bill to send money over seas to aid in another country it would have been approved ! Whats next? How long before historic hotels are orderd to shut down????? Good Bye Delta Queen!

  4. S. Tipton Says:

    I listened to the Delta Queen blow her steam whistles for the last time Oct 7 in Point Pleasant, WV. She blew “hello” and “passenger call” signals. The sound echoed between the hills up and down the valley…the sound was mournful…but, as she started to move, she gave us a happy calliope tune. Our hearts were heavy as she moved into the river channel because, inspite of everything we have tried to do to save her, we knew this may be the last time we see a real piece of LIVE history…something with a real pedigree.