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Stand alone bill in favor of the Delta Queen is on its way!

Oct 18, 2007

There is great news: As reported by Nori Muster’s "Lastest News" page, Congressman Steve Chabot of Ohio has introduced a stand alone bill to save the Delta Queen – that is, granting her a new exemption fom the Safety at Sea Act. Co-Sponsors of the bill are, so far: Representatives W. Todd Akin (MO), Richard H. Baker (LA), Marsha Blackburn (TN), Wm. Lacy Clay (MO), Jo Ann Emerson (MO), Kenny C. Hulshof (MO), Ron Kind (WI), Jean Schmidt (OH), Timothy J. Waltz (MN), Zach Wamp (TN), Ed Whitfield (KY).

Now is the big moment where the efforts of the whole steamboater’s community need to be combined, supporting this bill, H.R. 3852.

Now it’s your turn, and as Jo Ann Schoen uses to say: GO, GO, GO!  and I add: NOW!

– Contact your local politicians, city councils, Congressmen and urge them to support the bill. We need their help, so please be polite, but let them know how important it is for you and your community to keep the Delta Queen running.

– If you know a Representative willing to co-sponsor the bill, please contact Rep. Steve Chabot’s office in Washington (Anna Rack (202) 225-2216). The more support the bill gets, toe better the chances to get it through the Congress. (see Nori Muster’s site for more details.)


4 Responses to “Stand alone bill in favor of the Delta Queen is on its way!”

  1. admin Says:

    Here is the first press coverage of the bill: The Enquirer, Cincinnati – “Delta Queen may roll on” (

  2. Jon Davies Says:

    Delta Queen should continue to sail as she has done for many many years. Especially in view of the the provisions which have been put in place, ie: fire protection ect…..This thoughtless act of withdrawing this fine Ship” will only assist in dismantling of local Tourism.

  3. Eileen Simonson Says:

    Congress must support an exemption. This is how unions lost their clout – this fuss over the incredible Delta Queen proves the loss of union values!

  4. Delta Queen: a public and political affair? Says:

    […] Ron Kind (Wisconsin) in the first place did support Rep. Steve Chabot’s initiative to safe the Delta Queen by co-sponsoring bill H.R. 3852. Just a few days ago, all the sudden, he backed out (according to […]