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Ohio, Kentucky Representatives request President Bush intervene to save the Delta Queen

Dec 4, 2008

Republican lawmakers yesterday (Dec 3) sent a letter to President Bush asking that he issue an executive order to protect the Delta Queen against special-interest politics that could put the historic paddlewheel ship in dry-dock.  Reps. John Boehner (R-West Chester), Steve Chabot (R-Westwood), Jean Schmidt (R-Miami Township) and Geoff Davis (R-Hebron) requested the President issue an executive order extending an exemption to the 1966 Safety at Sea Act to allow the Delta Queen to continue operating.

The full letter of John Boehner requesting President Bush’s support for the Delta Queen is available in PDF format at Rep. Boehner’s website.

The Save the Delta Queen Campaign team applauds this action and again is emphasises how important the Delta Queen is not only for so many small businesses in the communities along the rivers but also for the employees of the Delta Queen and so many jobs indirectly depending on the Delta Queen continuing to operate as an overnight passenger vessel. The Delta Queen is safe, with a perfect safety record for now more than 80 years of operations. It’s just not right to stop her for obscure reasons that do not have anthing to do with her safety.


4 Responses to “Ohio, Kentucky Representatives request President Bush intervene to save the Delta Queen”

  1. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    Yes, it’s true! The fight is still on. CALL, WRITE, FAX your Representative TODAY – NOW and ask him to do the same kind of letter that Mr. Boehner, Chabot, Davis and Ms. Emerson has done. If you have any questions I can be contacted at DON’T DELAY. SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN!!!

  2. Alexandra~Titanic.Historian~ Says:

    a little sign of hope:DDD

  3. Jo Ann Schoen Says:

    Oops. It was not Representative Emerson, but Representative Jean Schmidt. Sorry for the mistake.

  4. Taylor Abbott Says:

    I am a loyal Democrat and can honestly say that I am proud of what these Republicans are doing for the DQ. As many times as my great grandfather who was a chief engineer for the Mississippi Valley Barge Line was on her and took me along with him, we both know how important she is to America’s history. My pap would be ashamed of his party if he were alive today. With his passing, I living record of history and a life on the river of 50 years went with him. I really can’t stand by and watch another piece of history go too. When are our leaders going to wake up and see the history right in front of them?