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Heart breaking moments at Cincinnati

Oct 22, 2008

It had been heart breaking moments when the crowd on the Cincinnati levee watched the Delta Queen lift her stage on Tuesday evening, probably for the last time in history.

Tom Schiffer and John Fryant did a great job in documenting this sad historic moment when almost 200 years of steamboat history at Cincinnati ended; at least so far. (for more pictures, see message board: Final Whistle Salute to Cincinnati)

But there is still a lot of hope that the Delta Queen will return, under her own steam. So let’s not stop fighting for saving our beloved Delta Queen but let’s do even more to stop evil politicians to play their dirty games on the Delta Queen.

heart breaking moment, Delta Queen leaving Cincinnati

Delta Queen leaving Cincinnati, a final whistle salute


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  1. Taylor G. Abbott Says:

    I watched her leave from Marietta, OH one final time a few weeks back. Hardly any dry eyes amongst those in the crowd. How sad it was to hear her whistle blow loudly only to fade away in echoes through the hills. I still have hopes that she will return again to blow her whistle for Marietta. I’d give anything to hear her old calliope play again…It’s a shame our government has diminshed into such a poor, sorry bunch of people. Not one of them running for re-election or election is getting my vote. If the Delta Queen returns to the river next year, my vote may be given once again…Until then, the hell with each and every one of our congressman!