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The Word is Spreading

Aug 8, 2007

The word is spreading, newspapers and TV stations are reporting about the Delta Queen’s destiny. Most of the news media are more or less copying the Ambassador’s PR message, but there are some who do their own research, too.

So far the best article was in the Cincinnati Post, written by staff reporter Greg Paeth: "All aboard the Queen? Maybe not anymore", including – amongst others – statements from Virginia Bennett, from politicians and from Majestic America Line’s PR agency with some interesting between-the-lines information.

A very good article just showed up today at Cruise Mates: Loosing the Delta Queen by Nori Muster of As most of you probably know, Nori is the daughter of Bill Muster, who was one of the most important people in the 1970’s Save the Delta Queen campaign. The article tells the story of this campaign with a lot of details and is very well worth reading.

On Aug. 8 Associate Press has sent out a News Alert about the Delta Queen. Unfortunately our campaign is not mentioned at all. But it’s a first, important step to get broader attention for the issue.

And the word is also spreading in the blogger scene. Definitely worth reading is John Armor’s posting "Mark Twain Says Congress is an Idiot" at Free Republic. His central statement is: "I’m not suggesting that the Delta Queen should be written into the Constitution to protect it forever from the neglect of Congress. I AM suggesting that if you care about America’s greatest river, the Mississippi, if you’ve ever seen or heard the Delta Queen plying the waters of that great River, live, on TV or in movies, you should act."

If you meet or know a local newspaper reporter, encourage him or her to write his own story about the Delta Queen. I think this is a story worth watching for every journalist in this country – there is some potential for unexpected scoops and there is a lot of emotions and patriotism in this story. This is what reporters usually love. I know, because I’m a journalist, too …


7 Responses to “The Word is Spreading”

  1. Ann Langley Says:

    As time goes on, we must preserve some of our historical past. The Delta Queen has a clean record as far as safety and just because it was built out of wood by no means gives congress the right to take this historical beauty away from the public. The children growing up today will not enjoy the beauty and historical past by dry docking this ship only so that people can tour it. It is a historical ship still in great running order not to mention the fun and excitement gained from traveling on a ship of this kind. I have seen this ship docked temporarily on the Ohio in Evansville, IN and it is a beauty. PLEASE RECONSIDER BEFORE TAKING THIS SHIP OUT OF SERVICE!

  2. Ric Weller Says:

    Please save the delta Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, please but the link directly on the WCPO. artical so I do not have to search for it, I am still not sure if this is the official spot to sign the petion.

  3. Beth Johnson Says:

    Please save the beautiful,historic Delta Queen!!
    While living for 12 years in Memphis overlooking the Miss. River, the DQ often docked, and was a sight to see! Now I live on the Tenn. River where the DQ regularly comes by…always a thrill…sometimes at night with the ship all aglow in lights, sometimes during the day, when we’ve jumped in our boat and followed along side of it….always in awe of it’s beauty, grace,a and slendor. I want to be a passenger one day…please don’t let my days be numbered!!
    Save the Queen !!!!!

  4. Jan Hunter Says:

    My Husband have taken 3 trips of the Delta Queen. It was the best. You see your own country. To Retire this lady would be wrong. Their is no real reason for this injustice.
    We have already booked the boat for an 18 day back to back cruise. I have sent e-mails to all the representives in California. Boxer, Feinstein and Lungren.

    Thank you for effort is this worthly purpose.

  5. Jan M. Paddocks Says:

    As a resident of Jeffersonville, Indiana for more than 50 years and a resident River Rat I cannnot imagine not seeing this beautiful boat pass my home. The annual Steamboat race with the Belle of Louisville is a step back into a time the now generation has no knowledge of. There is not a more festive sight than to see this wonderful boat chugging up the Ohio River to participate in the activities of the Derby. Let’s do all we can do to save this grand lady .

  6. Jan M. Paddocks Says:

    I agree!!!!!!!!!

  7. Niall Says:

    Hey ! The fight to save the Delta Queen has even reached the lofty heights of the Scottish Parliament !

    Parliamentarians are calling for the Delta Queen to be preserved because of her being “a fine example of Scotland’s proud shipbuilding tradition”.

    Even the BBC are reporting this story !