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Delta Queen granted six more months at Chattanooga

Sep 18, 2013
Delta Queen at Chattanooga's Coolidge Park

Delta Queen at Chattanooga’s Coolidge Park

The Delta Queen has been granted another six months to stay at her current position at the Chattanooga riverfront at Coolidge Park, the city administration announced on Tuesday, Sept. 18. The news came just days after Chattanooga’s mayor Andy Berke had set a deadline for the Delta Queen to leave the Coolidge Park riverfront by end of September 2013.

A speaker at Chatanooga’s majors office said the extended agreement for another six months is supposed to give the DQ’s owner, the Colorado-based Xanterra Parks & Resorts, more time to continue to work through the sale of the Delta Queen. According to local media at Chattanooga, Xanterra said they’re close to achieving an agreement with a buyer for the Delta Queen, but the transaction being not complete yet. Xanterra didn’t offer any information about who the potential buyer of the Delta Queen was.

The mayor’s office speaker also said the city being committed to working with Xanterra or the future owner of the boat to make Chattanooga a permanent home for the Delta Queen, if desired, which comes quite surprisingly after trying to get rid of the Delta Queen for months now.


2 Responses to “Delta Queen granted six more months at Chattanooga”

  1. Bob Abbott Says:

    Keep fighting! She’s a treasure that Chattanooga needs to keep and benefit from as a key element in the historic and scenic character of our riverfront – and I’ve told the Mayor’s office so.

  2. Merrily Says:

    I agree with Bob Abbott! We NEED to keep the Delta Queen around and healthy, preserving our riverfront history!