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Congressman Baron Hill Seeks to Restore Delta Queen Status

Oct 21, 2009

Southern Indiana Congressman Baron Hill (D) has introduced an amendment to the 2010 Coast Guard Authorization Act to restore the status of the Delta Queen. In a press release Hill says: "My perspective on the Delta Queen and its safety has evolved significantly. After speaking with various officials and the former captain of the Delta Queen, I am convinced it should cruise again."

The Save The Delta Queen Campaign welcomes this new initiative and encourages other Congressmen, especially Transportation Committee Chairman James Oberstar, to follow Baron Hill’s example and get first-hand information about the safety and economical importance of the Delta Queen.

Call to Action! All Delta Queen Supporters: Please act immediately! We only have time until end of this week to SEND FAXES to all representatives, especially those along the river system to urge them to support THE AMENDMENT TO H.R. 3619 OFFERED BY REP. HILL OF INDIANA.

To find your representative’s contact information, go to and find your  representative’s phone numbers.  As noted on the site the SECOND number is their D.C. fax numbers, the first being a telephone line.

Why fax? It’s the best way to get this message to your representative immediately, so if you ca, please send a fax. Second best is e-mail; snail mail letters will probably be too late.

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One Response to “Congressman Baron Hill Seeks to Restore Delta Queen Status”

  1. Kaye Fick Says:

    On behalf of the Chester-Shade Historical Association in Chester, Ohio and my self, I am requesting that you vote to save the historic Delta Queen. She has been a part of the history and memories along the Ohio for so many years that I would like for my grand children to also have the opportunity to see her.

    Thank you.

    Kaye fick
    Long Bottom, OH