Save the Delta Queen: A private initiative to save the steamboat Delta Queen A private initiative to save the steamboat Delta Queen
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Stickers & T-Shirts

Aug 3, 2007

Wear a “Save the Delta Queen” button, t-shirt or even a teaddy bear and decorate your car with a bumper sticker from the shop (operated by

If you find someone producing t-shirts etc. for less, just let us know. We’ll be happy to provide you the “Save the Delta Queen” logo for this purpose, though strictly for non-profit use and only in connection with this campaign. See also at “Promotion Material” for the Save the Delta Queen logo in high quality and the bumper sticker template for download.

Remark: Products are being produced in the USA and shipped from there by There is only a very small mark-up to their base prices to pay for the expenses at, we don’t make any profit with selling these products.

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