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Obama, Biden: Delta Queen “no longer on administration’s list of things to do.”

May 6, 2009

A well researched article in the Marietta Register ("Obama, Biden: What Delta Queen?" – the article is no longer available) uncovers very discouraging facts about radically changed minds of Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama. Both in their election campaigns claimed to be strong supporters of a new exemption for the Delta Queen, Obama was even co-sponsoring an according bill in the Senate.

But Marietta Register reporter Tom Lotshaw found that this support has vanished completely, now that the election is history. It's nothing new that politicians are betraying their constituents in election campaigns, but in this case it hurts exceptionally bad. Giving "Yes, we can" a new meaning: "Yes, we can – betray you as much all other politicians can, too."


5 Responses to “Obama, Biden: Delta Queen “no longer on administration’s list of things to do.””

  1. Discouraging news about the Delta Queen - Obama, Biden - Message Boards Says:

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  2. Nori Muster Says:

    Politicians usually follow what the people want. Now that the boat is in danger of becoming a hotel permanently moored in Chattanooga, perhaps they consider the matter closed. The company that owns the Delta Queen has zero interest in getting the exemption (which was completely the opposite in 1970). The company wants to ground the Queen. What can the president and vice-president do now? The boat is privately owned, even though it is a national landmark. If the Delta Queen transfers to new owners who are dedicated to getting the exemption, then we can lobby for support in high places once again.

  3. Terri Says:

    I live in Chattanooga, TN and we are all very much enjoying the Delta Queen. They have dry docked the boat and are renting the rooms out now. My first time on the boat was 2 days ago and the history behind the boat is amazing. We are definately looking forward to staying on the boat.

  4. Justin Says:

    When the Queen returns to service on the river, I will be one of the first to make reservations for her come back cruise. I sincerly hope that the people of Chattanooga take good care of the boat and make sure that she will get back into service someday soon and that her current owner helps put her back into operation. I certainly can not, in good faith, visit the boat in its current condition as a floating hotel…we have the Delta King for that.

    If the company that owns the Queen now truly wants her to be grounded forever,then they should not own her. I would rather see her rot away in some Louisana bayou than see her steam engines yanked out and her navigating equiment rendered useless.

  5. Mark Cubberley Says:

    What did you expect from the bama and sloppy joe!!!!!