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National Trust supports Delta Queen

Feb 23, 2009

Kentucky preservationist Don Clare has nominated the Delta Queen to the National Trust’s 2009 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. We’ll find out in late April whether or not she makes the final cut, but in the meantime the Trust is helping the cause with this story on its website, PreservationNation: Delta Queen Steamboat.

Please join us in thanking our friends at the Trust for coming to our aid. You can do that at And if you haven’t done so already, please second Don Clare’s nomination of the boat to the 11 Most Endangered List:


2 Responses to “National Trust supports Delta Queen”

  1. Michael Flint Says:

    I have only been on her once,at tall stacks,for only a few minutes, she is part of fabric of america, I plan to visit her in tenn.
    Will she still race the Bell?
    Mike Flint

  2. Franz Neumeier Says:

    Mike, for the moment the answer is “no”. As long as she doen’t have an exemption from SOLAS she’s not allowed to carry passengers overnight. And just going to Louisville without passengers is too expensive.