Save the Delta Queen: A private initiative to save the steamboat Delta Queen A private initiative to save the steamboat Delta Queen
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Basic information about the Delta Queen’s situation

May 1, 2009

I’ve recognized that – after almost two years of fighting for the Delta Queen to be saved – still many people don’t even know that the Delta Queen is in danger. When they learn, they first ask: What’s the problem with the Delta Queen?

To answer this question I’ve put together a quick briefing at about the Delta Queen’s situation, why she’s in trouble and how you can help.

Feel free to use this as reference and direct people to this web page when they want to learn about our campaign to save the historic steamboat Delta Queen.


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  1. Ronny Ray Larson Says:

    Hello, I am a 50yr old singer songwriter ,guitar ,harmonica and vocals musician.I GREW UP and have spent most of my life in the N.East of Lansing located 35 miles south of La Crosse WI. I have 3 or four songs I wrote about my favorite girl The Beautiful DELTA QUEEN.The cd is entitled Mississippi River Paradise.I will do my part to help The First Lady of The Mighty Mississippi,,,That is one of the tunes on my cd about her as well as Delta Girl the Title song of the cd Mississippi River Paradise.The Delta Queen is a cornerstone of my life.I have always said I want to perform my river tunes on My girl,maybe CAPTAIN MARY would like that.I wrote a song also on the cd about CAPTAIN MARY GREEN.As you can see this is as much a part of my life as the river itself.I would be willing to DONATE half of the cd sales to the cause in addition to you paying me a reasonable fee for say a 3 or 4 day booking and a stay for two ,my wife and I.In addition I would leave behind additional cds you could sell to get her up proud and rolling along as that is where this TRULY AUTHENTIC PIECE OF AMERICA belongs.Either way I will help you as much as I can even if you are not interested in having this Riverboy from Lansing,Ia perform on your greatest of all RIVERBOATS The Delta Queen.Itruly love this grand lady just as I am sure you do.Please email maybe I can help.God Bless your efforts.Your friend Ron Larson