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A public hearing will not help the Delta Queen

Apr 29, 2009

In the discussion about the US Army Corps of Engineers permit for mooring the Delta Queen at Chattanooga a small group of Delta Queen supporters is asking for a public hearing. is opposing this, and I’d like to explain why.

First of all, in the period until May 4, 2009, everyone can write to the US Army Corps of Engineers, commenting on that public note announcing the plans to give permission for a permanent moorage facility for the Delta Queen at Chattanooga. So what ever concern anyone has, he can express this concerns in this formal procedure.

Asking for a public hearing is just another chance to express concerns. What ever concern someone can rise in this hearing can be raised in a written comment right now, too. Still, this group is asking you to request a public hearing. Why? Because they’re misusing the instrument of a public hearing to delay the opening of the Delta Queen hotel, in worst case to the infinite. That’s actually their goal – not letting the Delta Queen hotel go into business at all.

What does this mean to the Delta Queen? Let’s be honest: Nobody will save the Delta Queen (i.e. spending a lot of money) just for romantic reasons. The Delta Queen can only survive when she is the foundation of a profitable business. Delaying the opening of the Delta Queen hotel will damage this business, if not totally ruining it depending on how long this hearing will delay process. This would result in no business, hence no money to take good care of the boat.

To make this very clear, again: No, I’m not happy seeing the Delta Queen being moored and being operated as a hotel in the long term. But right now, in this moment, this is the only realistic chance for her to survive. And we’re even lucky that the owner, Mr. Phillips, has a sense for the historic uniqueness of the Delta Queen and really cares for the boat. In the long term we still need someone with quite a lot of money to buy and operate her as a cruise vessel on the rivers. We’d also like to encourage any investor to get in contact with Mr. Phillips to discuss opportunities and plans for maybe running the Delta Queen for a couple of weeks or months per year or what ever will help to bring her back to the rivers as soon as possible.

But until then, we really need a caretaker, based on a good business that makes the money to finance the caretaking. Delaying the hotel opening with a public hearing about the mooring permit for sure will damage this, probably heavily.


2 Responses to “A public hearing will not help the Delta Queen”

  1. Wesley Paulson Says:

    Amen, Franz!

  2. Ryan Schnitzler Says:

    Well said. I am by no means a man of money, but I and many others would make the trek to CHA to take an excursion on the Queen even if just for the day. I and I think many people would be willing to pay good money for the ride. Now all we need is the economy to quit sinking like an anchor and get all of the authorizations together.

    Excurion Steamer by summer, hotel by winter???